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New documentation (in progress)

The new Groovy documentation is an ongoing effort to create new up-to-date documentation of Groovy core and its module, as a self-tested executable document, built using the Asciidoctor library.

Getting Started with Groovy

Installation and quickstart instructions, tutorials, feature overview.

Using Groovy

Bean scripting, compile-time metaprogramming, AST transformations, dynamic features, IDE support, XML processing, GUI programming, Ant integration, more.

Cookbook Examples

Practical examples that focus on common applications and tasks.

Advanced Usage

Design patterns, polyglot programming, Ant troubleshooting, security, compiling, refactoring, more.

Testing with Groovy

Groovy mocks, model-based testing, unit testing, testing Web applications and Web services, integration with other frameworks, test coverage, more.

Developing with Groovy

Building Groovy from source, setting up the environment, continuous integration, release process, more.



Results of your search request can come from various sources: the Groovy website itself, the JIRA issues, the API documentation, as well as a few other interesting Groovy-related blogs.

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