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On monday 29 january 2007 hopefully hunderds of people will come together in bars across the planet to celebrate the release of Groovy 1.0. At the same time Groovy DevCon 2007 will take place.

This pace lists the locations, organizers and details of those parties already confirmed. It's not to late to add your location to this list. If there is no party near you gather your Groovy friends, mark some bar with you visor and let us know.

Please complete the details below and keep them up to date. Add things like route descriptions and where to park your car.

Pictures of this planet-wide event will be uploaded to

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Paris, France (GroovyDevCon)

Organizer: Guillaume Laforge

Contact: glaforge <at> gmail <dot> com

Status: confirmed

Location: ? (what's the actual location of this event?)

Time: 8pm


  • Guillaume Laforge
  • Guillaume Alléon
  • John Wilson
  • Jochen Theodorou
  • Jeremy Rayner
  • Dierk König
  • Graeme Rocher

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organizer: Lior Bornshtain


Status: Confirmed

Location: Cafe de Pijp

Ferdinand Bolstraat 17-19


Time: 20:00


  • Lior Bornshtain
  • Hes Siemelink
  • Alan Broady
  • Paul Buying
  • Steven Devijver

Omaha, Nebraska, US

Organizer: Scott Hickey


Status: confirmed

Location: Indigo Joe's, 74th & Dodge

Time: 7:00 pm


  • Scott Hickey
  • Jim McGill
  • David Kerber
  • Joel Brewster
  • Satish Muktineni
  • Ryan Misek
  • Blaine Buxton
  • Matt Secoske
  • Jeff Wild
  • Roger Henson

Denver, Colorado, US

Organizer: Scott Davis


Status: confirmed

Location: Rock Bottom Brewery - Promenade Room

10633 Westminster Blvd. #900

Westminster, CO 80020


Directions: One block east of I-36 off 104th Avenue.  Next to the AMC Promenade Theater.

Start Time: 6:30 PM featuring great appetizers, mini-presentation on Groovy and Grails and we will buy everyone attending the 1st round of drinks!


  • Limited to the first 75 that RSVP to me:

Munich, Germany

Please contact me if you are interested in joining us in Munich! 

Organizer: Veit Edunjobi

Contact: veit <dot> edunjobi <at> metafinanz <dot> de

Status: confirmed

Location: news bar, amalienstrasse 55

Time: 20:00


  • Veit Edunjobi
  • Sven Haiges
  • Michael Kanis
  • <your name>

Negril, Jamaica

Organizer: Michael Baehr


Status: confirmed

Location: Bourbonbeach

Time: 9:00 pm


  • Michael Baehr

Montevideo, Uruguay

Organizer: Kalio.Net


Status: confirmed

Location: Monte Caseros 2632, Montevideo

Time: 20:00

Obs: Bring food and drinks


  • From Kalio
    • Ciro Mondueri
    • Leonardo Etcheverry
    • Barzilai Spinak
  • From Java Users Group Uruguay (JUGUY)
    • Carlos Soderguit
    • Martin Cabrera


During these Groovy 1.0 parties people come together to have beers and talk about all things Groovy and Grails. You are encouraged to take pictures of the attendees with GINA and Grails books and of course Groovy and Grails underware and t-shirts.



Results of your search request can come from various sources: the Groovy website itself, the JIRA issues, the API documentation, as well as a few other interesting Groovy-related blogs.

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