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The time has come to release the Groovy Eclipse plugin to the world. First off congratulations to the Groovy Eclipse development team, in particular those who worked on the Refactoring feature. These are the features that have been resolved for this release:

(warning) This release does not yet contain the joint compilation feature, as such we still need to lumber on with using both the Groovy Compiler and the Eclipse JDT Java builder on our projects. As a consequence, the bin-groovy library will need to remain there for the time being. This is a top priority for the next release. Still note that there are a few complications that were uncovered during the last attempt, that need to be resolved.

GRECLIPSE-164 Synchronize access to Groovy Projects inside the GroovyProject class

GRECLIPSE-162 Multiple UnsupportedClassVersionError in Eclipse Plugin

GRECLIPSE-159 output directory not created

GRECLIPSE-155 Adding multiline block comments with Ctrl+Shift+/ removes start tags from regular comments

GRECLIPSE-153 NPE when creating new project.

GRECLIPSE-146 Support auto format

GRECLIPSE-141 Groovy rebuild of a project will not acknowledge cancellation or acquire workspace lock

GRECLIPSE-139 Adding Groovy to a Java project leads to strange errors

GRECLIPSE-129 Eclipse Groovy Plugin not working for Eclipse Ganymede (Launced on 25th June)

GRECLIPSE-122 Update to Groovy 1.5.6

GRECLIPSE-109 New Class Wizards fail if superclass is empty or does not exist

GRECLIPSE-108 New Class Wizards fail if superclass is empty or does not exist

GRECLIPSE-106 org.codehaus.groovy\bin should not be under svn control

GRECLIPSE-100 Provides the JavaDocs for the Groovy dependency offered by the Groovy Classpath Container

GRECLIPSE-93 Go to file from test case is off by one line

GRECLIPSE-91 Extension of the GroovyCompiler class to generate an AST without resolving the classes

GRECLIPSE-84 Unremovable Groovy JAR

GRECLIPSE-43 Provide refactoring capabilities (eclipse)

See more on refactoring on the following wiki page.

GRECLIPSE-41 Implement code folding for GroovyEclipse

GRECLIPSE-30 Category org.eclipse.debug.ui.category.debug used for command does not exist

GRECLIPSE-26 ClassCastException during code completion

GRECLIPSE-14 Breakpoints on some lines don't hit



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