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Provides a domain specific language (DSL) for math engineering (matlab-like syntax).

Module Overview

GroovyLab is a set of Groovy classes and Java libraries. It provides common linear algebra and plot static methods easily usable in any groovy script or class.

GroovyLab is fully usable, but still in development status. It is based on JMathTools Java API (based on JAMA and RngPack).

Team Members

  • Yann Richet - Contributor to JMathTools Java project

GroovyLab is just provided to start a math engineering DSL sub-project of Groovy. If you need GroovyLab, GroovyLab also needs you...



Source release available at GroovyLab website


Just extract the GroovyLab archive, and try to run examples cases using groovylab.bat or groovylab script: '

  • groovylab examples/simpleTest.gvl
  • groovylab examples/moreTest.gvl


GroovyLab is based on Groovy 1.1 and Java 1.5.


The following example shows GroovyLab in action:



Results of your search request can come from various sources: the Groovy website itself, the JIRA issues, the API documentation, as well as a few other interesting Groovy-related blogs.

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