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Important notice to access the mailing-lists

Here are the public mailing lists that have been set up for the project. In order to subscribe/unsubscribe you first need to get a special link from Once you have got this link you can manage your subscriptions by going to the Groovy project page

is a low volume list for announcements about new releases or major news

is a medium volume list useful for those interested in ongoing developments

is a low volume list for questions and problems using Groovy-Eclipse

is a low volume list discussing standardisation of the language through the JCP

is a high volume list that logs commits and issues

is a high volume list for questions and general discussion about Groovy

Portuguese / Spanish

is a list for Spanish and Portuguese speakers (subscribe unsubscribe archive)


You can find a great archive support on Nabble and at MarkMail.



Results of your search request can come from various sources: the Groovy website itself, the JIRA issues, the API documentation, as well as a few other interesting Groovy-related blogs.

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