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Here are attributes that all JComponent type nodes accept. For a better description of these properties consult the JDK Documentation.


  • visible <boolean>
  • enabled <boolean>
  • opaque <boolean>
  • foreground <Color>
  • background <Color>
  • font <Font>
  • toolTipText <String>
  • preferredSize <Dimension>
  • maximumSize <Dimension>
  • minimumSize <Dimension>
  • border <Border>
  • alignmentY <float>
  • alignmentX <float>
  • componentPopupMenu <JPopupMenu>
  • inheritsPopupMenu <boolean>
  • autoScrolls <boolean>
  • UI <javax.swing.plaf.ComponentUI>
  • nextFocusableComponent <Component>
  • requestFocusEnabled <boolean>
  • verifyInputWhenFocusTarget <boolean>
  • inputVerifier <InputVerifier>
  • debugGraphicsOption <int> DebugGraphics.NONE_OPTION, DebugGraphics.LOG_OPTION, DebugGraphics.FLASH_OPTION, DebugGraphics.BUFFERED_OPTION
  • transferHandler <TransferHandler>
  • doubleBuffered <boolean>
  • actionMap <ActionMap>



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