Groovy 2.2.1

Package groovy.inspect.swingui

Classes associated with the Swing GUI for inspecting objects.


Interface Summary
AstBrowserNodeMaker This interface is used to create tree nodes of various types

Class Summary
AstBrowser This object is a GUI for looking at the AST that Groovy generates.
AstBrowserUiPreferences This class sets and restores control positions in the browser.
AstNodeToScriptAdapter This class takes Groovy source code, compiles it to a specific compile phase, and then decompiles it back to the groovy source.
AstNodeToScriptVisitor An adapter from ASTNode tree to source code.
ObjectBrowser A little GUI to show some of the Inspector capabilities.
ScriptToTreeNodeAdapter This class controls the conversion from a Groovy script as a String into a tree representation of the AST of that script.
SwingTreeNodeMaker Creates tree nodes for swing UI
TableMap In a chain of data manipulators some behaviour is common.
TableSorter A sorter for TableModels.
TreeNodeBuildingNodeOperation This Node Operation builds up a root tree node for the viewer.
TreeNodeBuildingVisitor This AST visitor builds up a TreeNode.
TreeNodeWithProperties This class is a TreeNode and you can store additional properties on it.

Enum Summary
CompilePhaseAdapter An adapter for the CompilePhase enum that can be entered into a Swing combobox.

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