Groovy 2.2.1



Class Summary
EncodingAwareBufferedWriter A buffered writer only for OutputStreamWriter that is aware of the encoding of the OutputStreamWriter.
GroovyPrintStream A PrintStream that outputs objects in Groovy style.
GroovyPrintWriter A PrintWriter that outputs objects in Groovy style.
LineColumnReader The LineColumnReader is an extension to BufferedReader that keeps track of the line and column information of where the cursor is.
PlatformLineWriter A buffered writer that gobbles any \r characters and replaces every \n with a platform specific newline.

Enum Summary
FileType Represents particular files of interest.
FileVisitResult Represents special return values for the 'preDir', 'postDir' and 'visit'/supplied Closures used with DefaultGroovyMethods.traverse and related methods to control subsequent traversal behavior.

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