Groovy 2.2.1

Package groovy.json


Class Summary
DateFormatThreadLocal Custom thread local holding a SimpleDateFormat, so that the JsonOutput class used by JsonBuilder can be thread-safe when outputting dates and calendars.
JsonBuilder A builder for creating JSON payloads.
JsonDelegate Utility class used as delegate of closures representing JSON objects.
JsonLexer The lexer reads JSON tokens in a streaming fashion from the underlying reader.
JsonOutput Class responsible for the actual String serialization of the possible values of a JSON structure.
JsonSlurper JSON slurper which parses text or reader content into a data structure of lists and maps.
JsonToken A JSON token, with a type, line / column information, and the text of that token.
StreamingJsonBuilder A builder for creating JSON payloads.
StringEscapeUtils Escapes and unescapes Strings for Java, Java Script, HTML, XML, and SQL.

Enum Summary
JsonTokenType Enum listing all the possible JSON tokens that should be recognized by the lexer.

Exception Summary
JsonException JsonException is the exception thrown by the JSON builder and slurper classes, whenever a problem occurs when creating or parsing JSON data structures.

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