Groovy 2.2.1

Package groovy.sql

Groovy helper classes for working with SQL data as Groovy objects


Interface Summary
ExpandedVariable Identifies a variable to be expanded into the sql string rather than representing a placeholder.
GroovyResultSet Represents an extent of objects
InOutParameter @author rfuller
InParameter A typed parameter to pass to a query
OutParameter A parameter to be returned from a CallableStatement.
ResultSetOutParameter A ResultSet out parameter.

Class Summary
BatchingPreparedStatementWrapper Class which delegates to a PreparedStatement but keeps track of a batch count size.
BatchingStatementWrapper Class which delegates to a Statement but keeps track of a batch count size.
DataSet An enhancement of Groovy's Sql class providing support for accessing and querying databases using POGO fields and operators rather than JDBC-level API calls and RDBMS column names.
GroovyResultSetExtension GroovyResultSetExtension implements additional logic for ResultSet.
GroovyResultSetProxy GroovyResultSetProxy is used to create a proxy for GroovyResultSet.
GroovyRowResult Represents an extent of objects.
ResultSetMetaDataWrapper This class defines a wrapper for accessing a specific column in ResultSetMetaData.
Sql A facade over Java's normal JDBC APIs providing greatly simplified resource management and result set handling.
SqlOrderByVisitor @author Paul King
SqlWhereVisitor @author James Strachan

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