Groovy 2.2.1

Package groovy.ui.text

Text processing helpers for the interactive command line terminal.


Class Summary
FindReplaceUtility @author Evan "Hippy" Slatis
GroovyFilter @author Evan "Hippy" Slatis
StructuredSyntaxDocumentFilter @author Evan "Hippy" Slatis
StructuredSyntaxHandler @author Evan "Hippy" Slatis
StructuredSyntaxResources Contains all the basic resources and values used by the utility frame work framework.
TextEditor A simple text pane that is printable and wrapping is optional.
TextUndoManager To use this, simply drop this as an UndoableEditListener into your document, and then create actions to call undo/redo as needed (checking can undo/redo first, of course).

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