Groovy 2.2.1

[Java] Annotation Type Log4j2


public @interface Log4j2

This local transform adds a logging ability to your program using Log4j2 logging. Every method call on a unbound variable named log will be mapped to a call to the logger. For this a log field will be inserted in the class. If the field already exists the usage of this transform will cause a compilation error. The method name will be used to determine what to call on the logger.
is mapped to
 if (log.isNameEnabled() {
Here name is a place holder for info, debug, warning, error, etc. If the expression exp is a constant or only a variable access the method call will not be transformed. But this will still cause a call on the injected logger.

Nested Class Summary
static class Log4j2.Log4j2LoggingStrategy

Optional Element Summary
java.lang.String category

@default LogASTTransformation.DEFAULT_CATEGORY_NAME

java.lang.Class loggingStrategy

@default Log4j2LoggingStrategy.class

java.lang.String value

@default "log"

Method Summary
Methods inherited from class Object
wait, wait, wait, equals, toString, hashCode, getClass, notify, notifyAll

Element Detail


public String category
@default LogASTTransformation.DEFAULT_CATEGORY_NAME


public Class loggingStrategy
@default Log4j2LoggingStrategy.class


public String value
@default "log"


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