Groovy 2.2.1

Package groovy.xml

Groovy markup builder classes for working with SAX and W3C DOM and Groovy markup.


Class Summary
DOMBuilder A helper class for creating a W3C DOM tree
FactorySupport Support class for creating XML Factories
MarkupBuilder A helper class for creating XML or HTML markup.
MarkupBuilderHelper A helper class for MarkupBuilder.
Namespace A simple helper class which acts as a factory of QName instances.
NamespaceBuilder A helper class for creating namespaces for GroovyMarkup
NamespaceBuilderSupport A helper class for creating namespaced GroovyMarkup
QName QName class represents the value of a qualified name as specified in XML Schema Part2: Datatypes specification.
SAXBuilder A builder for generating W3C SAX events.
StaxBuilder A Groovy builder that works with Stax processors.
StreamingMarkupBuilder A builder class for creating XML markup.
XmlUtil Used for pretty printing XML content and other XML related utilities.

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