Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.ant

Ant tasks for working with Groovy - such as groovyc for compiling Groovy source code to Java bytecode


Class Summary
AntProjectPropertiesDelegate @author Guillaume Laforge
CompileTaskSupport Support for compilation related tasks.
FileSystemCompilerFacade This is a helper class, to provide a controlled entry point for the groovyc ant task forked mode.
GenerateStubsTask Generates Java stubs from Groovy sources.
Groovy Executes a series of Groovy statements.
Groovyc Compiles Groovy source files.
GroovycTask Compiles Groovy source files.
Groovydoc Access to the GroovyDoc tool from Ant.
LoggingHelper Helper to make logging from Ant easier.
RootLoaderRef Sets the RootLoader as reference.
UberCompileTask Compiles Java and Groovy source files.
VerifyClass Verify Class files.

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