Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.antlr


Interface Summary
AntlrASTProcessor An interface for processing antlr AST objects

Class Summary
AntlrASTProcessSnippets Process to decorate antlr AST with ending line/col info, and if possible the snipppet of source from the start/end line/col for each node.
AntlrParserPlugin A parser plugin which adapts the JSR Antlr Parser to the Groovy runtime
AntlrParserPluginFactory @version $Revision$
GroovySourceAST We have an AST subclass so we can track source information.
GroovySourceToken This is a Token sub class to track line information
LexerFrame @author Santhosh Kumar T
LineColumn An object representing a line and column position
SourceBuffer A simple buffer that provides line/col access to chunks of source code held within itself.
UnicodeEscapingReader Translates GLS-defined unicode escapes into characters.
UnicodeLexerSharedInputState GRECLIPSE-805 Support for unicode escape sequences

Exception Summary
ASTParserException Thrown when trying to parse the AST
ASTRuntimeException @author James Strachan

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