Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.binding

Classes related to property binding.


Interface Summary
BindingUpdatable @author Danno Ferrin
FullBinding @author Danno Ferrin
SourceBinding @author Danno Ferrin
TargetBinding @author Danno Ferrin
TriggerBinding @author Danno Ferrin

Class Summary
AbstractFullBinding @author Danno Ferrin
AggregateBinding An aggregation of multiple bindings
BindPath The bind path object.
BindingProxy This class returns half bound FullBindings on the source half to the model object for every property reference (and I do mean every, valid or not, queried before or not).
ClosureSourceBinding @author Danno Ferrin
EventTriggerBinding @author Danno Ferrin
MutualPropertyBinding @author Danno Ferrin
PropertyBinding @author Danno Ferrin
PropertyPathFullBinding A property path full binding
SwingTimerTriggerBinding @author Danno Ferrin

Enum Summary

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