Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.control


Interface Summary
HasCleanup An interface for things that need to be cleaned up after operations complete.
ParserPlugin A simple extension point to allow us to switch between the classic Groovy parser and the new Antlr based parser

Class Summary
ASTTransformationsContext Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
AnnotationConstantsVisitor Visitor to resolve constants in annotation definitions.
ClassNodeResolver This class is used as a plugable way to resolve class names.
ClassNodeResolver.LookupResult Helper class to return either a SourceUnit or ClassNode.
CompilationUnit The CompilationUnit collects all compilation data as it is generated by the compiler system.
CompilationUnit.ClassgenCallback Sets a ClassgenCallback.
CompilerConfiguration Compilation control flags and coordination stuff.
ErrorCollector A base class for collecting messages and errors during processing.
GenericsVisitor class used to verify correct usage of generics in class header (class and superclass declaration)
Janitor An agent that can be used to defer cleanup operations to a later time.
LabelVerifier This class checks the handling of labels in the AST
OptimizerVisitor Visitor to produce several optimizations - to replace numbered constants with references to static fields
ParserPluginFactory A factory of parser plugin instances
Phases Compilation phase identifiers.
ProcessingUnit A base class for data structures that can collect messages and errors during processing.
ResolveVisitor Visitor to resolve Types and convert VariableExpression to ClassExpressions if needed.
SourceExtensionHandler Looks for source file extensions in META-INF/services/org.codehaus.groovy.source.Extensions
SourceUnit Provides an anchor for a single source unit (usually a script file) as it passes through the compiler system.
StaticImportVisitor Visitor to resolve constants and method calls from static Imports
StaticVerifier Verifier to check non-static access in static contexts

Enum Summary
CompilePhase The phases of the GroovyCompiler.

Exception Summary
CompilationFailedException Thrown when compilation fails from source errors.
ConfigurationException Thrown when configuration data is invalid.
MultipleCompilationErrorsException @author Jochen Theodorou

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