Groovy 2.2.1

[Java] Class GStringImpl


public class GStringImpl
extends GString

Default implementation of a GString used by the compiler. A GString consist of a list of values and strings which can be combined to create a new String.

Jochen Theodorou
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
GStringImpl(Object[] values, String[] strings)

Create a new GString with values and strings.

Method Summary
String[] getStrings()

Get the strings of this GString.

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Constructor Detail


public GStringImpl(Object[] values, String[] strings)
Create a new GString with values and strings.

Each value is prefixed by a string, after the last value an additional String might be used. This means strings.length == values.length || strings.length == values.length + 1.

NOTE: The lengths are not checked. Using different lengths might result in unpredictable behaviour.

values - the value parts
strings - the string parts

Method Detail


public String[] getStrings()
Get the strings of this GString.

This methods returns the same array as used in the constructor. Changing the values will result in changes of the GString. It is not recommended to do so.


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