Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.m12n


Interface Summary

Class Summary
ExtensionModule An extension module is a class responsible for providing a list of meta methods to the Groovy compiler and runtime.
ExtensionModuleRegistry The extension method registry is responsible for collecting methods (or static methods) which are added to existing classes and may be called like regular methods.
ExtensionModuleScanner A module extension scanner is responsible for searching classpath modules, loading metadata from module descriptors, then perform custom tasks for each module.
MetaInfExtensionModule A SimpleExtensionModule implementation which reads extension classes metadata from META-INF.
PropertiesModuleFactory This is the base class for classes responsible for creating modules using properties.
SimpleExtensionModule An extension module which provides extension methods using a DefaultGroovyMethods-like implementation, that is to say using static methods defined in an "extension class".
StandardPropertiesModuleFactory This is the standard Groovy module factory.

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