Groovy 2.2.1

Package org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass


Interface Summary

Class Summary
ClosureMetaClass A meta class for closures generated by the Groovy compiler.
ClosureMetaMethod A MetaMethod that accepts a closure in the constructor which is invoked when the MetaMethod is called.
ClosureStaticMetaMethod This class represents a MetaMethod that is a closure that pretends to be a static method.
ConcurrentReaderHashMap A hash table that supports mostly-concurrent reading, but exclusive writing.
ConcurrentReaderHashMap.BarrierLock A Serializable class for barrier lock *
DefaultMetaClassInfo WARNING: This class is for internal use only!
MetaClassRegistryImpl A registry of MetaClass instances which caches introspection & reflection information and allows methods to be dynamically added to existing classes at runtime
MethodHelper Some reflection helper methods
MethodMetaProperty Wrapper for a method for a property get or set.
MethodMetaProperty.GetBeanMethodMetaProperty Wrapper for a method realizing the property getter.
MethodMetaProperty.GetMethodMetaProperty Wrapper for a method realizing the property get.
MixedInMetaClass @author Alex Tkachman
MixinInstanceMetaMethod MetaMethod for mixed in classes
MixinInstanceMetaProperty MetaProperty for mixed in classes
NewInstanceMetaMethod A MetaMethod implementation where the underlying method is really a static helper method on some class but it appears to be an instance method on a class.
NewMetaMethod Base class for NewInstanceMetaMethod and NewStaticMetaMethod
NewStaticMetaMethod A MetaMethod implementation where the underlying method is really a static helper method on some class.
OwnedMetaClass @author Alex Tkachman
ReflectorLoader Reflector creation helper.
TemporaryMethodKey A temporary implementation of MethodKey used to perform a fast lookup for a method using a set of arguments to a method
ThreadManagedMetaBeanProperty This MetaBeanProperty will create a pseudo property whose value is bound to an object using weak references.
TransformMetaMethod A MetaMethod implementation useful for implementing coercion based invocations

Exception Summary
MethodSelectionException This exception is thrown if the runtime is unable to select a method.
MissingMethodExecutionFailed A stack less exception used to indicate, that the execution of a missingMethod method failed with a MissingMethodException.

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