Groovy 2.2.1


Utility classes related to the Groovy Shell (aka. groovysh).


Class Summary
CurlyCountingGroovyLexer patching GroovyLexer to get access to Paren level Author: kruset
HelpFormatter Custom CLI help formatter to render things correctly.
Logger Provides a very, very basic logging API.
MessageSource Message source backed up by one or more ResourceBundle instances for simple i18n support.
NoExitSecurityManager Custom security manager to System.exit (and related) from being used.
PackageHelper Helper class that crawls all items of the classpath for packages.
Preferences Container for shell preferences.
SimpleCompletor Support for simple completors.
WrappedInputStream In order to modify JLine Behavior, we need to wrap the IO streams so we can hack into them This allows autoindent and redisplaying the chars typed so far after exceptions during completion
XmlCommandRegistrar Registers Command instances from and XML file.

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