Groovy 2.2.1



Interface Summary
SignatureCodec A signature codec is responsible for encoding and decoding of inferred returned types as stored in bytecode.

Class Summary
DefaultTypeCheckingExtension The default type checking handler is used by the standard type checker and doesn't handle any of the type checking errors by default.
ExtensionMethodNode Represents method nodes which are used by the static type checker to virtually add methods coming from DGM-like methods.
GroovyTypeCheckingExtensionSupport Base class for type checking extensions written in Groovy.
SharedVariableCollector A visitor which collects the list of variable expressions which are closure shared.
SignatureCodecVersion1 First implementation of an inferred type signature codec.
StaticTypeCheckingSupport Static support methods for StaticTypeCheckingVisitor.
StaticTypeCheckingVisitor The main class code visitor responsible for static type checking.
TypeCheckingExtension This interface defines a high-level API for handling type checking errors.

Enum Summary
StaticTypesMarker This enumeration is used by the AST transformations which rely on static type checking, either to store or to retrieve information from AST node metadata.

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