Change Log

v0.7.1 - 25 Feb 2014

  • Allow override of RESTClient.doRequest() (from Diego Fernandez)
  • New method HTTPBuilder.ignoreSSLIssues() (from Adam Hurwitz)

v0.7 - 4 Feb 2014

  • Groovy dependency is now 'provided' scope to address conflicts with different Groovy versions.
  • PATCH method now supported (from David Prieto).
  • Order no longer matters when setting the body in a request closure.
  • Support for NTLM authentication (from Damien Papworth).
  • Validate requestContentType is set (from Tomasz Kalkosinski).
  • Allow any HttpClient implementation (from Dana P'Simer and Jean-Alain Geay).
  • Documentation examples previously dependent on the v1.0 Twitter API have been updated.

v0.6.0 - 16 Oct 2012

  • Now requires Groovy 1.8
  • Upgrade HttpClient dependency to 4.2.1
  • Upgrade Nekohtml dependency to 1.9.16
  • Changed to use Groovy's native JsonSlurper to consume JSON, rather than jsonlib

v0.5.2 - 26 Dec 2011

  • Support for escaped URI query parameters
  • Fixes for AsyncHTTPBuilder
  • AppEngine connection manager
  • Ability to customize HttpClient construction e.g. with a connection manager

v0.5.1 - 30 Sept 2010

  • OAuth support via Signpost
  • Access to the request context used in the response
  • Updated HttpClient dependency to 4.0.3
  • Fixed cookie expiry date parsing
  • Fixed parsing URL-encoded response

v0.5.0 - 03 May 2010

  • RESTClient for more REST-ful request API.
  • HttpURLClient for a similar API that is compatible with Google App Engine.
  • Added resolver catalog for (X)HTML DTDs
  • Improved header access API
  • Moved project to GMOD Maven repo. New groupId is org.codehaus.groovy.modules.http-builder
  • Changed "url" property names to "uri" (breaking change!)
  • HTTPBuilder's "uri" property returns a URIBuilder, to make default URL manipulation easier.
  • Renamed SendDelegate to RequestConfigDelegate (possibly breaking change)
  • Fixed bug when assigning default URI via named argument
  • Fixed default response handlers for AsyncHTTPBuilder
  • Fixed illegal character encoding in URIBuilder.setPath()
  • Fixed default response handlers in AsyncHTTPBuilder
  • Changed request configuration closure resolution strategy to DELEGATE_FIRST

v0.4.1 - 04 Mar 2009

  • Fixed double-encoding of URI parameters
  • Added proxy support
  • Updated to HttpClient 4.0-beta2

v0.4.0 - 14 Jan 2009

  • Updated default success handler to buffer and return parsed data outside of request/response context

v0.3.1 - 5 Jan 2009

  • Corrected ContentType.BINARY value

v0.3.0 - 24 Dec 2008

  • Added AsyncHTTPBuilder
  • Fixed bug in ParserRegistry.getCharset
  • Changed parser resolution to always use given charset unless 'ANY' is used
  • Added xref report to site documentation
  • Improved header handling
  • Fix for NPE when response has no entity (i.e. HEAD)

v0.2.2 - 18 Dec 2008

  • Fixed bug when 'path' named parameter is a GString
  • Removed Java 1.6 dependencies
  • Documentation

v0.2.1 - 16 Dec 2008

  • Changed package name & added to Groovy-contrib
  • Added support for GZIP and deflate response content-encoding
  • Support for default request headers & changing headers via map access
  • Fixed bug from json-lib
  • Built-in HTML parsing support via Neko
  • Support for multiple equivalent content-types
  • Differing request and response content-types
  • Only attempt to parse response if the receiving response handler accepts two parameters
  • Added license to source code

v0.1 - 8 Dec 2008

  • Initial release